Mistakes from Katrina

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Jason: George good morning. 10 years since Katrina. Hard to believe. Tell us about the show you're involved with.
George: Well yeah, it's hard to believe, ten years have passed since hurricane Katrina hit, and I've been teaming up with Pivot Television to showcase their decade of resilience in New Orleans. Showing how the city has changed over the past 10 years since the storm. How they have refortified. How the culture is doing in New Orleans, and basically looking forward to the future and seeing how climate change might affect the future of the city.
Jason: Now, you're a storm chaser. Tell us where does Katrina rank on the list of storms you've seen.
George: Oh it was by far, certainly the most potent, powerful hurricane that I've experienced in 18 years of storm chasing. I rode out the storm in a steel reinforced concrete parking garage in Gulf Port, Mississippi....which, the strong side of the storm hit Mississippi. It was actually the weak side that hit New Orleans, believe it or not.
Jason: Now talk about the rebuilding, which I imagine is still going on. What's going on down there right now?
George: Absolutely. They have rebounded quite a bit. The new fortifications are in place. The city is slowly making its way back. I was just there recently. It's thriving. It's doing well, and I'm glad to see that for sure.
Jason: That's great to hear. It is an awesome town. Tell us where and when we can watch your show.
George: You can tune in to "Project Katrina: A Decade of Resilience all week long on Pivot Television, and also, there's bonus content and videos and interviews on takepart.com/katrina.
Jason: All right George. Thanks a lot for being with us. We appreciate it. And Eye Opener continues.