Healthy Must-Haves for Back-to-School

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Jason Lee: Dr. Peterson. Good Morning. Its back to school time. Give us some must haves.
Dr. Keri Peterson: Good morning. I would love to talk to everyone about how to keep your whole family healthy now that everyone is going back to school. One things parents can not keep tabs on is whether their kids are practicing good hand hygiene. So what I typically recommend for parents is tape a wet ones anti bacterial hand wipe into the top of their lunch box. That why they know they are using something to clean their hands before they eat their sandwich because you don`t know if they have access to soap and water. And you can also toss in one of the travel packs into your kids back pack when they come in from recess and their hands are dirty and grimy you know that they are wiping them down so they don`t get sick and they kill 99.9 percent of germs and they have aloe in them so they do not dry out your hands.
Now another thing I want to talk to you about is keeping your family healthy is snacking. One great way to ensure that your family is eating healthy is to use pure organic bars. Toss one into your yoga bag. Toss one into your kids lunch box. They have all sorts of fruits and nut bars that are chewy. They also have crispy grain bars. These are fruit strips and fruit sandwiches. They have no artificial flavors or coloring. They are made with natural fruit . natural fruit juices so you know as a mom you can feel comfortable giving your kids something healthy.
Now when kids go back to school it is a very stressful time for them. There is a line of supplements called rainbow light. These can help with calming and relaxation. There is one called mental calm and one called Zen. These are great for stress and anxiety. Good for college students who are under the stress of exams. They are not satiating and they are not stimulating. Plus the fall is cold and flu season so there is a line called counter attack its other supplement for a sign of a sore throat or a sniffle and it can just help your immune system. So all of these things are great for your family.
Jason Lee: Doctor anywhere we can go for more information?
Dr. Keri Peterson: You can go to my website. Keri M-D. dot com for all bunch of health tips for your family.
Jason Lee: Alright Doctor Keri Peterson thanks for being with us we appreciate it. And eye opener continues.