Explorer Warlords of Ivory

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
Bryan now is joining us glad you're with us this morning born and bread right here in Philly and you've got some exciting stuff to tell us about Explorer Warlords of ivory.
Bryan: Yeah Jen thanks for having me on I uh I live in Philadelphia but I do my work in Africa and we've got a story on this Sunday that is a story of a link between ivory and terrorism. And we've gone after one of the worst terrorist groups on the planet, operating in central Africa, killing elephants., killing people, kidnapping children for child soldiers and that's the story we're telling in this project.
Jennifer: What kind of impact has this had on you? And what do you want people to really see as they look at this show?
Bryan: So it's very easy to get overwhelmed when you're doing animal crime work. And I wanted to flip that and go after theses guys. So we put together a mission impossible type team of some of the world's best cameramen - guys who go into really deep stuff, and we created a fake tusk with a satellite based tracking system inside. Now we're going after these guys. So you can get sad in general about what's happening but with this project, this is a mission impossible effort going in and taking the fight to the enemy.
Jennifer: Alright Bryan thank you so much, where can folks see it?
Bryan: It is Sunday at 8 on the national geographic channel Warlords of Ivory.
Jennifer: Alright, sound fascinating thanks for joining us Bryan we appreciate it. Eye Opener continues.