Buffalo Wild Wings and Fantasy Football

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As TV's virtual Fantasy Football commissioner on the league, Steve Rannazzisi, has some advice for folks who want to get the most out of their fantasy draft picks this year.
Steve Rannazzisi
"A lot of people love to go running back, running back with their first two picks, I don't think you necessarily have to do that this year, I think you can go running back, wide receiver or you can do wide receiver wide receiver and maybe try and catch a steal at running back in the later rounds, thats just me. But it might be a suggestion."
Despite the antics and mastermind that went into the plots of his show, Steve says a great game experience is all about having a good time, and he says it starts with the atmosphere.
Steve Rannazzisi
"I would suggest you go to buffalowildwings.com/football, you find out where your nearest location is, call them up and they'll take care of everything. They'll deal with setting you up, they've got wifi, they have of course the beer and the wings and the food, the environment, the TVs. So you can't go wrong there, you can trash talk your friends in a comfortable environment."
Buffalo Wild Wings is also designing a professional logo for one fantasy football team each day. Enter your team via social media by using the hashtag "#fantasyfootballfrenzy. Go to BuffaloWildWings.com/football for more information.