Supermom Raina Seitel Brings Us Back To School

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Jason Lee:
Good morning. I can't believe it's already back to school time. Give us some tips.

Raina Seitel:
I know say it ain't so, but it's true. So getting back into the school spirit, we have some great ideas for you.

First up Office Depot and OfficeMax store. Bring your kids along to get these great supplies and savings on great supplies today. We are focusing on this exclusive divoga collection, gold-struck and metallic pop two of my favorites.

When you think about back to school you can't forget about the backpack. Lots of great choices. Today we are featuring the High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack. Lots of storage here. This will last you all year long. It's really durable and also 30% off at Office Depot and OfficeMax. So check those out in store or online at

Next up on the list we want to keep our kids focused and comfortable so Kids Foot Locker helps us do just that. So many great selections...Nikes, name it. Today we're focusing on these Nike Roshe Ones in a cool gray. I love this color. Also they come in white and black. Check these out in store or at

When it comes to going back to school make sure our kids are up to date so definitely go to the eye doctor to make sure. If your child does needs glasses you want to really invest in high quality lenses. Crizal For Kids do just that. They are scratch, glare, and smudge resistant. So check these out at your eye doctor or

And technology is always king no matter what the season. Today we focus on this transformer book T300 Chi two in one. It is a long name but it certainly lives up to it. It's a PC in class or a tablet on the go. It has a detachable keyboard making it super flexible. And of course Intel is known for fast processing. Same deal here. Intel core and processor keeps this super fast and eight hours of battery life.

And I know from last year I never looked out the window and checked what the weather was so I was always caught without an umbrella. Not the case this year thanks to the AccuWeather Universal app for iOS and Android phones. It has a minute cast feature. A minute to minute precipitation forecast for your exact street and GPS location which is so cool and it's free.

And finally we can't forget about fashion when it comes to back to school, Kohl's is definitely your denim destination. Lots of brands, lots of styles for the entire family. So check that out at Kohl's.

And also for this and more information go to

Jason Lee:
She is the supermom. Raine Seitel thanks for the time. We appreciate it. And Eye Opener continues.