Restoring Fall Beauty After The Summer Season

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Jason Lee:
Cheryl good morning. Tell us where we get started.

Cheryl Kramer Kaye:
Well you know as we approach Fall we really need to start to undo some of the damage that we created enjoying our fun in the sun. For example in response to sun exposure our skin tends to get thicker to try to defend itself and that makes it really hard for moisturizers to penetrate and we get really dry. So I find the easiest way to exfoliate and re-hydrate is in the shower and I love this combination of Caress products to do that.

I first use the Caress evenly gorgeous body wash which uses round beads to gently exfoliate and get to the more even tone skin underneath and it has this delicious burnt brown sugar smell and all of the scents from Caress are amazing because they're crafted by the world's best perfumers. So after that I alternate so the next day I'll use the Caress daily silk silkening body wash. And that uses a special moisturizing formula that makes your skin incredibly soft and it is scented with white peach and orange blossom for a really upscale pampering experience. Now they're just $3.50 each at mass retailers and you can find out more at

Now let's talk about your face or rally your pores which suffer the most this time of year with all the sunscreen piling on and running around and sweating. They can just get crazy clogged and this time of year a mask is a must. I think the Purity of Elements mask.. it's a pore minimizing clay mask and it is great. It has Kaolin clay which pulls those impurities out from deep within your pores and it pairs that with a proprietary copper five complex that's loaded with antioxidants. It's going to help protect and repair your skin and that's actually in all of their products and they're available at

And finally our poor hair. The chlorine, the saltwater, the UV just gets trashed, but you can get it back to life with just one treatment and that's from the Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Collection. Now all of the products contain a lipid complex that repairs hair from the inside out, mends surface damage and plus it has pashmina silk proteins which leave hair smooth and shiny.

Jason Lee:
Alright we're all going to look great thanks to you Cheryl Kramer Kaye from Shape Magazine. Thanks for the time. We appreciate it. And Eye Opener continues.