Must haves for new Moms!

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
Attention Moms...This One's For You.  Our Jason Lee Spoke To Beauty Expert Polly Blitzer, To Find Out The Buys That Will Make A New Mom's Life Easier.

Jason Lee:

Polly, good morning. Lots to talk about so, where do we get started?

Polly Blitzer:

Let`s start with Cetaphil, this is a brand that everyone loves for adult face wash, it`s the number one dermatologist recommended brand, but they`ve moved from adults, well they haven`t moved, that still exists, they`ve added a new line, Cetaphil baby. And what`s great about this line is that it`s based and formulated on organic calendula extract, so it doesn`t have any parabens, oil or all those things that people are wary of and don`t want to put on their kid`s skin. And that`s kind of rare to find in a drug store isle for babies. You know, this is something I would use on my boys Sammy and Miles who are three and also I have a lot of friends, myself included or my husband as well we use baby products because they are just so gentle. Why would you go with something that`s heavily fragranced that`s going to make your skin heavily itchy in the winter or leave an oil slick on your skin in the hot and hazy summer. So they have a moisturizing oil, they have a hair and body wash, diaper cream, they`ve got you covered. And Cetaphil in honor of this line just launched a sweepstakes for expectant and new parents so you can enter to win a vacation, a baby moon if you will 5 days 4 nights in Miami. So you can enter at But we can`t forget about inside, you know we all want to take but prenatal supplements are very important while you are expecting to conceive, during your pregnancy and then after as well, cause your body is going through such a change. So Rainbow Light is an amazing brand, it`s all natural, no fillers, no artificial additives, nuts, gluten, anything like that, and it has all the essential nutrients that you need, your baby needs for development, and if you don`t want to take a tablet, they also have a gummy. So that`s your multivitamin to help the baby develop. And there`s a ginger one for morning sickness. So these are basically the MVPs of new motherhood.

Jason Lee:

Sounds good to me, thanks for joining us Polly Blitzer. And Eye Opener continues.

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