It’s almost back to school time, Mario Armstrong talks tech.

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
When it`s time to figure out your back-to-school needs, Sorting through the best products and best buys can be overwhelming. PHL17's Jason Lee spoke to Mario Armstrong,  technology and digital lifestyle commentator, to get some tips.

Jason Lee:
There's nobody I know more high tech than Mario Armstrong, Mario what do you have for us today?

Mario Armstrong:
Jason man, and everybody in Philadelphia, I've got some great back-to-school deals for you right now. This is a time where you can also get some big deals on TVs like, the Sony 4K Television you see right here. The X900C, this thing is amazing Jason, it's Sony's thinnest TV, thinner than a No. 2 pencil. The frame is almost frameless. Looks amazing in person, 55 inch/65 inch on that, you can get a good deal on that. I also get a lot of questions about laptops and tablets. I say, get the best of both worlds in one through a two-in-one device. Go into Staples, they have all your tech needs covered, including this deal with the HP-X360 Stream, this is a two-in-one laptop and tablet device for only $269, plus you get a year's free of Microsoft Office. Schedules are going to shift and change so you're going to want to keep an eye on your kids or family pet in the household, do it with the wireless Netgear. This is the first wire-free, outdoor HD cameras that are motion activated, awesome awesome investment. That's what you can keep an eye on your house from anywhere around the world. Save money with your online shopping with using Ebates. You can get up to 25% cash back for things that you would be shopping and buying online anyway, and you'll get your money every three months as a gift card or as a check. Now if you're going to buy someone an iPad or a tablet, you're going to want to make sure you protect that with a gold standard: the Otterbox series of cases. Specifically for that iPad: Symmetry, the new line of cases to protect that investment. They can put it in their backpack, drop it in the lecture hall and know that it won't crack or break, so that's a great investment there. And then last but not least, if you need to buy a tablet and you want to get up to 40% off on that, head over to, you can be buying a pre-owned certified, iPhone, iPad or Galaxy at up to 40% off and they even have a back-to-school deal on their site at So, i know I've covered a lot of details here for you Jason, but go to our website to get everything and more at

Jason Lee:
As always, great stuff Mario thanks a lot for being here, we appreciate it. And Eye Opener continues...

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