15 Minute Home Renovation Tips

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
If your home needs a makeover, it could be a lot simpler than you think to get that done. Take a look...

Home Renovation expert Jonathan Scott joined forces with Mr. Clean in the first ever Mr. Clean Moving Institute to show New Yorkers and special guest actress and home enthusiast Ashley Greene how to give your home a 15 minute renovation.

Jonathan Scott:
'A 15 minute reno, because everybody you know, whether they are looking to sell their home, whether they`re having guests over, they want to be able to get the place whipped into shape but they don`t want to spend a fortune, so 15 minute reno was born.

If you haven`t used Magic Eraser before, it`s pretty straightforward. Some people may have to go to college to figure this out, but you dunk it in water, and then you scrub it on the wall.

You can literally scrub as big a surface as you get messed up, and you won`t have to repaint. '

And don`t forget the bathroom.

Jonathan Scott:
My favorite 15 minute reno trick is in the bathroom, because, you know, you`ll get these beautiful old claw-foot tubs, but they look dingy. It`s almost like it`s backed on grease. I don`t know how it`s so dirty and so dingy, so people think they have to pull it out, get rid of it and replace it. Not at all you can just bring it back to life, you can make it shine, you make it look like it`s been reglazed, but it hasn`t been, it`s just been cleaned with a Magic Eraser.

Ashley Greene`s favorite tip?
Ashley Greene:
So I think my favorite 15 minute renovation tip, is to use one of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser products on my walls. I always have a ton of people over, I do barbeques, I have four dogs, so there`s always smudges on my walls. And it`s much easier to use that product than to go repaint.

Jonathan Scott:
I have a tip for you, if you ever have kids and you think it`s really cute to write on the wall and write their height and everything on there, what the heck are you going to do when you move? All those memories are gone. So my little tip to you is frame a little cute thing on the wall, so that you can take it with you when you go and then mark the kids` heights on there.

Fans are encouraged to follow at @RealMrClean on Twitter for a chance to win a 15 minute renovation kit full of Mr. Clean products and for an opportunity to chat with Scott directly about his favorite 15 minute renovation ideas. Join the convo at #15MinReno.

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