Back to School with Dell

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Jason Lee:
Lauren good morning. Are we really talking back to school already?

Lauren Berger:
Yeah so Intern Queen did a survey with Dell to uncover some really helpful hints for back to school and we had some fun findings. We asked both students and parents what their preferred device was and nearly half of parents and over sixty percent of students said the laptop is the number one preferred device for back to school.

I usually recommend the two in one. If you can't figure out if you want a tablet or if you want a laptop why not get the best of both worlds? I have the Dell Inspiron here, but tablet in class laptop at home when you're doing social media doing your homework.

We also asked who's the decision maker in the household. We got an ironic response. Over sixty percent of parents said that they're in charge, over sixty percent of students said that they are in charge. So who's in charge? I don't know.

Also right now is a great time for back to school purchases because July 29th next week Windows 10 comes out so a lot of the Dell devices are going to have Windows 10 on them with the enhanced touch screen and I think they have facial recognition sign in which is pretty cool. But again most parents that we surveyed said that they plan to spend between two and five hundred dollars on back to school technology purchases for this year.

Jason Lee:
Great stuff Lauren. Thanks so much for being with us this morning. We appreciate your time. And Eye Opener continues.

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