Hot Tech and Games with Mario Armstrong

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David Grzybowski:
Good morning Mario. What are some of the hot tech games out there?

Mario Armstrong:
David we got a lot of great, cool tech that's happening.

I'm going to start first with one of the hot things is HP's laptop. This is the Pavilion X360. This is amazing. It's built with Windows 10 in mind and works in four different modes. So it's great you can use it as a laptop, as a tablet, or great for as a table tent stand for all your entertainment viewing.

Now many people David are going to be taking a lot of pictures this summer as we all do on our smart devices. Make sure you back up your photos on Flickr. F-l-i-c-k-r. It's free and it's a great place to store, organize, edit, and share your photos. Most of all there new feature includes automatic backup for up to half a million of your photos. So definitely check out flickr.

Now for those games you were talking about for kids I got you covered with two different things. Skylanders superchargers. The number one franchise for kids right now. This is hot. Launches September 20th, entirely new way to play with land, sea, and sky vehicles that come to life. Plus there's some cool stuff with their darker addition start up pack that unlocks some game play content.

And for those kids that love the Crayola Crayon like me and the little ones you're going to love this app and coloring book. It's a combination. Crayola Color Alive is the name of the app. Download that app...Crayola Color Alive. This way a kid colors the coloring book and then uses the app to take a picture of what they just colored and all the heroes that they just colored come to life in 4d animation. It's amazing.

And then if you need to get HD but you want to get more channels with a better antenna. Use the Clear Stream Eclipse tv antenna with sure grip technology. You'll get up to 40 HD channels free and its innovative design lets you stick the antenna to any flat surface which is easy to install and easy to use.

And then smart watches. David everybody wants a smart watch but you gotta have the one that was the market leader. They actually created the category. That's Pebble. Get the Pebble time. Only $199 bucks. Thousands of apps that you can use for this. Most of all water resistant you don't have to worry about washing your hands and it getting wet. You can swim with this smart watch and battery life up to a week which is phenomenal.

David Grzybowski:
Alright Mario where can we get more information?

Mario Armstrong:
Yeah it can all be found David right online at tech.

David Grzybowski:
Alright Mario Armstrong appreciate your time. And Eye Opener continues.