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It's a busy time of year from summer travel to summer chores. So how do busy moms look and feel their best? Our Jason Lee spoke to lifestyle expert Robyn Moreno for some tips.

Jason Lee:
Robyn Good Morning. Tell us where we get started?

Robyn Moreno:
Alright well good morning. I don't know if you know this but one in three women actually experience light bladder leakage. It's known as an LBL and it's triggered by everyday occurrences like coughing, sneezing, laughing, or even exercising.

So women that experience LBL often rely on period pads to help them, but that's not what they're designed for. And it's just because they don't know of different solutions so luckily Poise has a new thin-shaped pad that is actually specifically designed for bladder leaks and it's actually 40% thinner than their original Poise pads. So women can try and get a free sample actually at And right now they have a fun campaign that shows you clever ways to use those unused period pads so women should check that out.

You know there's nothing more summer than having great feet that look great in sandals, but you always don't have time for pedicures. So luckily Dr. Scholl's has a new product that is amazing. It is called the DreamWalk Express Pedi Foot Smoother. And it actually gives you a quick and simple way to stay pedi ready right from home. So it's a lightweight, hand held personal electronic foot device that gently buffs away rough, dry skin just in a matter of minutes. No hard blades, no soaking. Super easy to use and it actually won a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. So they did a test of five electronic foot files and this was their number one, overall pick. So it's really easy. You can find it anywhere, drugstores and mass retailers. So that's the way to be sandal ready all summer.

Well when it comes to the summer we all want to stay healthy and get all the nutrients that we need, but we're kind of busier than ever and we're actually eating a little bit lighter so it can be harder. And actually Centrum and Prevention Magazine they did a study that showed that about 75% of Americans they don't think that they can fairly easily get all of the nutrients they need from food and it's actually proven that nine out of ten Americans are not getting the nutrients that they need from food. That's why we need a multivitamin. So to really attack this problem especially now that we're busy Centrum is introducing a new multivitamin. It's multi-gummies. So they're a really great tasting, easy way to get everything that you need. They have B12 and D and all of the vitamins you need which is really great. And they're actually having $2 coupon off so visit

Lastly you know sometimes women don't even have time to take showers which is crazy. So luckily Schick has an amazing two in one Intuition razor which is awesome. It actually has the gel in it. You can shave, moisturize, and everything which is great. So just visit to get everything you need in one stop.

Jason Lee:
Robyn Moreno thanks a lot for joining us this morning. And Eye Opener continues.

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