Summer Activities

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:

Well kids are home for the summer and of course many of us will embark on road trips, so how do we keep our kids entertained? Well our Jason Lee spoke to the supermom Raina Seitel to get some tips.

Jason Lee:
Raina Good Morning. We need fun family activities. What do you have for us?

Raina Seitel:
Hi Jason. We have so much to talk about today so we're going to get right to it.

First up Lego is bringing Jurassic World straight to your living room in brick form so to speak. Right in front of me we have the Rapture Rampage set. It's really interactive and and really cool. Chris Pratt's character in fact is a mini figurine. Oh and right there you can see it. And this vet unit opens up and the top spins around so your kids can really...great, great way to play indoors. $49.99.

If you're taking it outdoors you want to check out H2O Go's water slides. They have the first inflatable launch pad so the kids don't have to worry about that ouch factor. Three different models: single, double or triple lanes so invite all the kids in the neighborhood over for some good competitive summer fun.

When we think about snaking we think about Cheetos. Of course there's a brand new flavor Cheetos Mix Ups. Flaming hot and cheesy say that three times fast. Great for camp. Great when you're on the road. Also they have something really cool going on. There are two keys hidden in two different bags of Cheetos. If you find one of the keys you get a free vacation to Florida or California.

When we think about talking and texting, think about straight talk wireless. Great plan. Thirty days unlimited text and talk plan. $45 a month. Bring your own phone. You can't beat that.

Petsmart's PetsHotels. Great for the pets when you're on vacation. You know they are safe and secure and on July 19th it is national ice cream day. Your pet's can get a pet friendly ice cream so go in checkout Petsmart PetsHotels and give your dog a tasty treat.

And finally when it comes to summer we want to spend time with our family. Dreams Resorts and Spa is a great way to do just that. It is all inclusive, unlimited luxury, great for the kids. The Explorer Club, teens have a club for themselves also. And between August 22nd and December 23rd there is a promotion called Kids Stay Free. Two kids under 12 can stay free with two paying adults. Sounds great. You can check all of that out at

And for all of this information and more go to

Jason Lee:
Raina Seitel the supermom thanks for being with us this morning. And Eye Opener continues.

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