Josh Wolf’s New Late Night Show

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:

Night owls have a new late night choice for their TV viewing...the Josh Wolf Show. Our Jason Lee Talked to John Wolf to find out what his show is all about.

Jason Lee:
Josh Good Morning. You have a new late night talk show. Tell us about it.

Josh Wolf:
It's more of an entertainment show than a late night talk show because there's interviews. I feel like it's serviced so well on other channels. What am I going to add that isn't already being said, you know? So my third act is really like a fast paced, almost like a grown up show and tell I guess. Because I consider myself to be not that bright but super curious.

So there's a lot of things out there I don't know how to do and whenever I see something I don't know how to do I call that person up and have them show me how to do it on my show. Last week somebody came on and showed me how to joust. And we couldn't get the horses on stage so I jousted on a segway with my son.

Look I grew up with physical comedy. I like physical comedy. I like watching people fall down. I like that...that stuff to me is funny. You know I grew up with three older brothers so I like that style of humor. You know I spent two hours in a recycling bin dressed as a gorilla to scare people last week. So fun stuff.

Jason Lee:
Sounds like a lot of fun. Tell us where and when we can watch The Josh Wolf Show.

Josh Wolf:
It's on CMT Thursday, Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays. It's 11 p.m. Eastern, 10 p.m. Central. Come check us out. You'll have a good time I promise.

Jason Lee:
We'll be watching you in Philly. Good luck Josh thanks a lot for being with us. And Eye Opener continues.


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