Tips to look younger

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:

Who doesn't want to look younger? But how do we take years off of our appearance? Our Jason Lee spoke to celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day, to get some tips.

Jason Lee:
Doctor Good Morning. We all want that fountain of youth so how can we look younger?

Dr. Doris Day:
Well we start at the top with the hair. Hair is so important for a woman's self-esteem and in the summer months when you're going out to the beach and going swimming it can be devastating for women who feel like they're losing their hair.

So I'm a big drugstore girl as you'll hear and there's a product that's available at your drugstore. It's an over the counter drug but it is FDA approved and it's over the counter because the FDA has deemed it safe so you can sell it at the drugstore without a prescription. And this is the Rogaine foam for women. It's a five percent minoxidil foam that's used once a day and it helps to regrow hair.  So that's something that can help a woman. It's good to see your dermatologist to know what your treating and what's going on, but this is something available at the drugstore that can help a woman feel better about herself. And I consider it anti-aging for the scalp.

When you move down to the skin the single most important thing you do is proper sun protection. And there's so much confusion about what products to use and what you really need in terms of SPF numbers. So I bought a variety of SPF numbers. These are by Neutrogena and the Neutrogena products come in SPF 30, 70, 100 even and in different variations. But what I love about them is that they don't feel like anything on your skin. They really go on light and clear. And the thing with SPF is that the higher the number, you're not really getting that total number with any SPF. So if you're using a 30 you're probably getting a 15 because no one applies enough. And so that's important to know to reapply regularly, apply enough,and make sure you go through a bottle through the summer. Not the same bottle from the whole summer or the whole year.

Going back to the drugstore Roc has great retinal products that you can use even through the summer months to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and help your skin look its best.

So you have great product choices all at your local drug store and I find that that really helps your skin.

Jason Lee:
Alright Doctor where can everybody go for more information?

Doctor Doris Day:
You can go to the hashtag choose skin health or to

Jason Lee:
Okay Doctor Doris Day great information there. We thank you so much for being with us this morning. And Eye Opener continues.