Don’t let headaches ruin your summer plans!

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
We all want to be healthier, so PHL17's Jason Lee Spoke to Shape Magazine's Bahar Takhtehchian to get some tips.
Jason Lee:
Bahar you've always got some great stuff for us. What do you have this morning?

Bahar Takhtehchian:
So I don't know if you know this, but June is national headache month and with weekends and summer plans coming up there's nothing that can ruin a good time more than a terrible headache. And it's interesting Web MD recently did a survey that found that one of out of three respondents actually suffers from weekly headaches, yet 46 percent of these people choose to just tough it out despite their doctor's advice. So that's rough.

The good news however is that the makers of Excedrin actually have developed a suit of fast-acting headache relief products that really no matter what kind of headache you're suffering from whether it's tension headaches or migraines they give you fast specific treatments that way you can get along with your life and enjoy your summer and your summer plans. Really it's important to treat those headaches so you can have a quality of life that you really want.

For more information you can go to and that's where you'll find out about headaches and treatments.

Now I also wanted to mention in the summertime it's really important for you and your family to stay healthy. One healthy habit you should add to your everyday life is taking vitamins. People don't like to pop pills, they forget to do it.

The good news is that Zarbee's has these great vitamin drink mixes which essentially is an easy and delicious way for you to drink vitamins. These are made from handpicked wholesome ingredients. The powder you take and mix it into the cold water or hot water depending on which supplement you're using, and it's a range of products that addresses a range of needs. So it can help boost your immunity. There's some products that help with digestion, there's a couple of supplements that help you relax and have a more restful evening, and other vitamins and products that give you 100 percent of your vitamin daily needs.

So you can find more about these products at Zarbee's, and as far as just staying healthy this summer don't forget the sun is strong, it can cause anti-aging issues of course it can cause skin cancer. SPF 30 every single day for your kids, for yourself. Make sure that you're reading the labels and using enough product, and you're reapplying especially if you're going to be swimming or if you're sweating out. It's very very important to protect yourself.

Jason Lee:
Well as always Bahar some great advice there . We appreciate you being with us this morning. Thanks very much.

Bahar Takhtehchian:
Thanks for having me.

Jason Lee:
And Eye Opener continues.