Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate Profile Interview: Jim Kenney

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The May 19th primary election is just over a week away. PHL17's David Grzybowski spoke to Jim Kenney about millennials and social media.

Jim Kenney on millennials

"We have to find blue collar jobs in the industry for people who don't have college degrees. Continue to attract eds and meds, high tech and bio tech to the city, but at the same time try to figure out a way for people who don't have either high school or college education to make a living to raise a family, to buy a home and to take care of their own kids. We need to take care of people coming out of incarceration that's one of the most important parts of what we want to do to make sure those folks don't go back its 40 thousand dollars a year to keep them in prison. That's a good college tuition payment annually. We need to make sure those folks are ready. We’re ready for them coming out and we make sure they don't go back."

Jim Kenney on social media

"I think in local campaigns social media is becoming even more prevalent, its not going to replace at this point television or that kind of advertising but it is getting there and at some point in time probably after I'm gone from this world it may be the major way in which people communicate and campaign. Right now its very important and we need to keep that evolution going.”

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By: David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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