Action News at 10pm on PHL17

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How many times have you heard that phrase? How many thousands of people hear it every day?

Well, since the expansion of Action News at Ten on PHL17 to a full hour this past September, the answer to both of those questions is probably a pretty high number.

And that is a big story.

In just under 24 months, the joint effort between WPHL-TV and WPVI-TV has become the time period leader in adults 18+, making the expansion an easy decision. To both stations, the collaboration still feels brand new. But to viewers in the Delaware Valley, finding their favorite news brand in prime time easily became routine. It was clear from the get-go that the late news entry would be a success, and the desire to deliver more came shortly after.

“As soon as we saw the opportunity in the time period, we set our sights on expanding. It allows us to better serve our viewers, our advertisers, and grow the station as a whole”, says PHL17 Vice President and General Manager, Vince Giannini.

But don’t think this success has been turn-key for either station. Cooperation has been pivotal at every level during this partnership, as there was no real blueprint for running such a successful shared newscast.

If you’ve ever seen a promo for Action News at Ten on PHL17, or noticed both station logos on the screen at once, and thought “How does that work?”, the answer is clear.

It has taken the synergy of two separate promotional teams, two engineering departments, two management teams, and WPVI’s great news organization to make this all happen. In this case two brands sharing one airspace has lead to a very strong partnership.  To put it plainly, there are many moving parts, and only total teamwork makes it all work the success that it is.

And if that all sounds a little “pie in the sky”? Just check the ratings.

They are the real big story.