VIDEO: Young Adults Are Turning To Craft Beer

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Young adults are turning to craft beer. Pete Fry, owner of Taproom on 19th in South Philadelphia, has seen a large growth in craft beer sales since opening in 2013.

"I think Philly is such a strong craft beer city. As far as the entire country I think it might be farther than anyone else.If you want to survive in Philly as a bar owner you have to have craft beer,” Fry said.

Young adults crave craft beer flavors, and for some that drink it feel it is the taste of luxury.

"I think exclusivity is a big draw as well. People like to have things that not everyone else can have," Fry said.

While Taproom on 19th does serve other domestic beers, Fry has seen that drinking craft beers and IPA's bring a cool factor to drinking.

"I think there is a cool factor. Its interesting because I think you get a little bit of the opposite end of it too with people like yeah I'm not drinking that craft stuff. I'm sticking to my Budweiser, which is also a respectable decision," Fry said.

By: David Grzybowski/PHL17