VIDEO: Hilarious dating parody promo goes viral for Halifax

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HALIFAX,  Nova Scotia. —  (PHL17)  When Brendan Sommerhalder and his marketing team at Downtown Halifax Business Commission set out to make a promotional video for their “Date Night” campaign they knew they were going to have fun with it.  What they didn’t know was that their effort would go viral in a big way.

“Making this video was a lot of fun, and that’s the impression we’re glad to have made – that Downtown Halifax is a place with a sense of humor, where it’s easy to have a good time. We’re progressive, vibrant, and unique. We’ve got it all, but it’s up to you to find a passable date partner.” Says Sommerhalder.

While not an actual dating video, the promo takes on the look of an 1980s  era video dating service.  And while the footage looks spot-on for the time period, the people in the spot are talented local actors.   The premise of the video is to remind people that finding a date might be hard, but finding great deals and things to do in Halifax is easy.

Based on the success of this video, Sommerhalder says to look for another installment in the not too distant future.  We can’t wait.  Keep it weird, Halifax!