Shake It Off – by Riverton, NJ School Teachers

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Riverton Elementary School is located in Burlington County, NJ. In this year’s Variety Show the teachers and staff decided to “Shake It Off” to Taylor Swift in this adorable video. The video was kept top secret until the night of the show and the students and parents went wild when they saw the video.  Proceeds from the Variety Show benefit the Riverton PTO.


    • Go Riverton

      Wish more schools had a good sense of humor. Roland, it does not look like the teachers were taking much time way from school actives to do this. If your worried about taxes, do the math of what it takes to handle 20 kids for 6 hours a day in a safe well equipped building. Now place that against your local private day care center… or babysitter down the street. Remember Roland, this kids will be pushing you around in your wheel chair..

  • Smalltown Tax Payer

    Roland maybe you should move to Deleware and avoid paying taxes or somewhere they don’t appreciate small town communities. I highly doubt our small town is contributing to “your” wasted tax dollars by having fun to raise money. Last time I checked cops and teachers paid taxes too. Go back under your bridge troll.

  • Local PTO

    This event was put on by the local PTO. No “tax dollars” were used, and its helped raise money for the school – which helps reduce the burden on tax payers.

  • Leslie

    There should be more schools that have the dedicated teachers that Riverton School has. The fact that they cared enough to put so much energy into this video shows how connected they are with their students. It was heartwarming to see the wonderful response this video received from both parents and students the night of the show. How sad that anyone could find anything negative re this production. Roland …. my advice to you….Shake It Off!

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