2015 Mummers Parade Results

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2015 Mummers Parade Results

String Band Division

1. Fralinger

2. Quaker City

3-Tie. South Philadelphia

3-Tie. Woodland

5. Ferko

6. Hegeman

7. Polish American

8. Avalon

9. Uptown

10. Aqua

11. Durning

12. Pennsport

13. Duffy

14. Greater Kensington

15. Greater Overbrook

16. Broomall

Captains Results

1. Jimmy Good, Quaker City.

2. John Baron, Hegeman.

3. Tom Robison, Woodland.

4, Anthony Celenza, Ferko.

5. Jack Hee, Avalon.

6.Scott Wray, Fralinger.

7. Nick Magenta, Polish American.

8. Denny Palandro, South Philadelphia.

9. Ken Maminski, Aqua.

10. Charlie Nicholas, Pennsport.


Fancy Brigades

1. South Philly Vikings

2. Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars

3. Satin Slippers

4. Avenuers

5. Jokers

6. Saturnalian

7. Golden Crown

8. Spartans

9. Downtowners

10. 2nd St. Shooters

11. Clevemore

Complete String Band Results

Fancie Results

Comics Results



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