Where can I find the Live Mummers Stream 2021?

As you may have heard, the pandemic has cancelled the 2021 Mummer Parade.  So as HOME OF THE MUMMERS, PHL17 has decided to air and stream 13 hours of BEST OF THE MUMMERS from the last decade. Use this link to web stream the event.

PHL17 Programming Guide January 1, 2021.

  • 5am-9am – PHL17 Morning News
  • 9am-5pm – The Mummers Parade of the Decade (featuring top performances of each club in the Fancies, Wenches, Comics, and String Band division of the last 10 years)
  • 5pm-8pm – The Mummers Parade Viewer’s Choice of the Decade (featuring Viewer’s Choice winners of the String Bands and Fancy Brigades)
  • 8pm-10pm – The Mummers Fancy Brigade Finale of the Decade (featuring the top performances of each Fancy Brigade of the last 10 years)
  • 10pm-11pm – Action News at 10 on PHL17

In addition, we’ve got a place where you can watch montages of your favorite string bands from the last decade, and vote on your favorite fancy brigades of the last decade by group.

But wait– there’s more.  We have also collected all 10 Viewers’ Choice of the Decade for you to vote on your fave… Fancy Brigade and String Band.  And we have done the same with the winners of the parades, again, Fancy Brigade and String Band.

And of course we’ve got heritage Mummers Videos and Mummers Photos.

Happy New Year to all our friends in Philadelphia and all those that keep Philadelphia in their heart on New Year’s Day. 

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