VOTE: 2015 Mummers String Band Viewer’s Choice Award

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Which String Band  performance was your favorite in 2015?  Use the form below to vote.  Need to see a performance again? 

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  • Jan Klincewicz

    Musically, and in almost every respect, Fralinger KILLED, but I had to vote for Hegeman on the pure cojones to do something so avant-garde. Over 30+ years, I have seen just about every theme multiple times. I really have to give profs to a band who went out on such a limb with something so radically different.. and they executed it well.

    • matt

      It wasn’t even a string band performance…hegeman should have been in the fancies this year…the street is a stage, u don’t need another one on top of it…shouldnt have been in the top ten

      • Shawn Dillon

        Someone must be in a shitty band or just be against innovation. Both are on you.
        If anyone should be annoyed with anything, note how Fralinger went out of bounds and didn’t get dinged for it.

  • Donna Ekstrom

    Kudos to all of the Mummers, they were amazing. All deserve to win for the effort and commitment. Such beautiful suits and performances. Great job all! Happy New Year!

  • darlene wilson

    Fralinger was both entertaining and musically perfect! The band continued to dance and move around while playing their instruments superbly and those motorcycles that transformed where so awesome. Then the finally with the captain transforming as well and those cog wheels with the rolling banjo players was amazingly talented! I loved the Fralinger string band musically and entertainment wise. I have watched mummers for 48 yrs and they were so impressive this yr.

  • Lyndsie

    Quaker city string band brought it!!!!!! Their dog and out fits and the amazing creativity of the mirror was spectacular!!!!

  • mitchell smith

    Hegeman is my favorite band but their theme this year was strange and did not really do anything for me. Polish American did it for me this year. They were tight and the sound was powerful even though i dont really care for country themes.

  • bob

    Quaker city has won so many years and they continue to think outside the box. They go all out with their enthusiasm and energy and they never disappoint. Their music was great and selective. They work well with so many people. It’s one big family. They were very creative with the trash can lids solo. That was very clever. This string band is my all time favorite.

  • Reggie

    This years parade was exceptional! Lots of creativity and fresh ideas. If I had to choose a winner though it would be Fralinger. The life sized transformers were incredible. A jaw dropping performance.

  • jake

    I completely agree Quaker city looked fantastic they looked like they were having the time if their lives it made me over whelmed with excitement I smiled the entire time. I wish I could take that dog home and it was amazing how they slowed their music down so well the transition was great.

    • Gene

      You’re right on. Quaker City was the only band that had the WOW ME factor. Many bands played well but were boring in my opinion. Quaker City had the most interesting orchestrations, both musical and pleasing to the ears. When they play it has a natural feel as opposed to the bands that sound like they’re pushing too hard. Very tasty with building intensity without beating you over the head. They really deserve to win.

  • Rick

    Fralinger was simply amazing and so much better that second place Quaker City. Hegeman was certainly innovative and daring to go against tradition, but not as entertaining nor was their routine as impressive as Fralinger or Quaker City. The costumes of Woodland were magnificent. but overall I would pick Ferko a distant third to Fralinger and Quaker City.

  • Jerry Dee

    One of the top bands that told a musical story that made sense was the South Philadelphia String Band…well done and I hope they don’t lose too may points for the hat that fell off one of your men in the beginning…good luck.

    • Amy Lowenstein

      Let’s just hope they didn’t really mean to be Satan. Sometimes a great actor has to play a villain, and when he gets boos, it’s a compliment. But I guess I know what you mean.

    • Louise

      I am with you, we need to pray,
      I am 62 I like the old ways good music and lots of feathers.
      I did not hear golden slippers, or any of the music I grew up on.
      Some were scary.

    • Shawn Dillon

      That’s a bit like saying you can re-enact the Civil War at Gettysburg but are only allowed to portray the Yankees, because slavery, or you can portray WWII at a living history type event, but only as an allied soldier. You will never appreciate the good without a portrayal of the bad…

  • Debbie

    Wow Pa, Nj, or de residents…hmmm no fair! Guess you don’t need our money anymore! I will keep my $ in De and md casinos

  • John Chambers

    This was a very good parade. All the bands did a great job of entertaining us for the start of the New Year. best wishes to all the participants.

  • Louise

    I don’t like how the string bands are acting more like the fancy brigades.
    And the brigades are scary.
    This is the last year I think I will watch.

  • Jerry Dee

    Without seeing the judge’s score cards it would be difficult to comment on the results, however the most entertaining band from a viewers stand point was South Philadelphia, just ask my grand children, Happy New Year.

  • Rich N.

    Some of the bands are trying to copy Fralinger’s style, but the melody of the tunes is getting lost in the transition. Quit with the runs, keep the instruments in tune and keep it simple so the common man can understand it. Have a parade to entertain the people, as it was originally intended, rather than to impress the judges.

  • Jerry Dee

    Congrats to the Duffy String Band for winning the “Custard’s Last Stand Award” for having the best theme name, Happy New Year.

  • Kerry

    Although Fraliger had an awesome idea using a pop icon like the transformers/robots to make their theme more appealing to new generations, the music just wasn’t there! If we are basing this on the music and that’s what the string band is based on or else it would just be another fancy brigade putting on a show, Polish American blew it out of the water with their tight sound and melodies! They put on quite a show too especially with the bright costumes and dust cropper at the end but the sound which is most important was on point!

  • Kenneth Rutherford

    I believe that that Duffy Stringband did a good job they are one of the last real Stringbands not a big band sound

  • Annie Costello

    Way to go Duffy’ s Good job. I sure wish the networks would pick this up again but at least we can watch on line.

  • jim mac

    South Philly, HANDS DOWN!…..Fralinger was sort of boring boring, not in top 3, Quaker runs the same drill every year, just change suits and music. But South Philly put on the show.

    • Ricky Cavoli

      Jim, I agree wholeheartedly. I think South Philly should have also won best captain. He totally became the Joker. Spot on with his musical cue to pop this umbrella down. Best acting job as a captain I’ve seen in a parade. I don’t patronize any one band (marshalled for Ferko in 2012). I just call it as I see it. South Philly was awesome. PS…I’m partial to old school when men played female roles (I like the comedic value), but catwoman really pulled it off for South Philly. Dancer were awesome too. Marshalls spot on with musical cues. Just terrific performacre all the way around. Cant say enough about it!

      • Jerry Dee

        It was hard press to understand how and why the judges awarded SPSB’s 8th Place. He was true to the part, did a wonderful representation of the “Joker”.
        Were these the same judges that awarded Freko’s last years “Toy-riffic” theme Captain 2nd Place dress as the monopoly man? Monopoly is a game not a toy, to my knowledge ‘Uncle Willie Moneybags”, the monopoly man was never made into a toy piece.
        However they did get right with Hegeman’s 1st Place Captain.

    • Carmen mano

      I agree with jimmy Mac. South philly easily should have won this parade they were incredible costumes props music and that was one of the best captain performances ever and I had Polish American 2 ns

  • Ricky Cavoli

    South Philadelphia was AWESOME. I think they got jipped points for overall visual; They should have placed first for Visual. That could have pulled them up to second. All the bands did a tremendous job though! Its tough to choose!

    • Jerry Dee

      After reviewing the scores and viewing the tape there were several mishaps that cost them points. One of sax players lost his hat, picked it up and lost it again, after the freeze scene there was a problem removing one of the panels before the next scene was set up, and maybe a little thin with the banjos, they did a good job but a few more banjos would have helped. When all of this is considered I can live with the results.

  • Sandy Kopsitz

    Love Quaker City! Sounded and looked beautiful! One of the few bands that still have banjos. The energy they showed. Wow

  • diana

    i think you should fine the group of frogs or comics that protested to way the parade was going it was not fair to the rest of the parade and i was in my first parade.

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