CONTEST WINNER: Paul Reed Smith Guitar

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Congratulations to our winner!

Rick Gegenheimer has been chosen as the Grand Prize Winner of our Doobie Brothers Contest and took home a $3,000 Paul Reed Smith guitar, signed by the Doobie Brothers! Best wishes and congrats, Rick!

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  • John Finkowski

    I want a PRS. That would be really cool. I had a garage band when I was young and although I have a Les Paul custom I have a pic of a PRS on my wall. Please consider me as a player.

  • Doug

    I have been looking at, and have wanted to own a PRS Guitar for very long time now!! To own one such as this guitar would definitely be a dream come true for me. I know it sounds “cliché” but it really is the truth.

  • Anthony

    I have heard a Paul Reed guitar but have never owned one, My only gibson sg was good sounding but was stolen within a year of me owning it..

  • Geoff p. graulich

    A supposed friend of 30 years whom was living in my home with his wife and 4 children , rent free waited till I went out to work and stole my 95 Gibson less Paul and my Taylor 814 custom acoustic guitars. I would love to play guitar again

  • JB

    Would love to win the PRS! My good friend & mentor who taught me how to play guitar stares in awe at the PRS when we visit a local store. What a wonderful Christmas gift this would be for me to give him! Of course this gift would include an agreement which states he will allow me the experience of playing it on occasion :)

  • Chad Wansink

    I’ve been a musician for over 30 years now. That means I’m poor. I’ve never owned a professional’s instrument & have never played a PRS. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about them. It seems even non-musicians know of them.

  • Stephen Hebert

    If I win, I will give this guitar to the music school my son takes lessons at. Great way to show my appreciation for what the school has done in Delaware County, PA.

  • Janet Tingley

    I would love to win.I’ve been on medical leave for brain surgery since October. I won’t be going back to work till at least February. Needless to say I won’t have much money to buy my kids and grandkids Christmas gifts.It would be incredible to win.

  • Tony

    Don’t know how to play guitar, but would like too learn. Would be a good reason too take some guitar class.

    Ping Humbug

  • Diane Chrupalyk

    I’d like to give my son, who is a self-taught guitar player, a PRS. He is an awesome guitarist & son. I was never able to afford to purchase him a decent guitar, that I feel he deserved. He is a very avid guitar player & takes his music seriously. It would be so cool to win this guitar to give to him as a gift. Good luck to all!

  • John Palombo

    Would be a wonderful addition to my collection . I play in a Charity Band, that is all our proceeds go to whatever Charity the folks who bought us wish. Win Win! Someone who needs the money gets it, I get to play with great friends! A PRS would sound great! Hope I win.. Ps saw the Doobies at the Tower back in the summer, with Peter Frampton, and Matt Curry, and the Fury… Great show!

  • Jeff

    My son never puts his guitar down. This PRS would be an unbelievable way for him to continue his music education and start the road to perfecting his guitar skills. Thank you for having this contest!

  • Vicki

    I’m not trying to win the guitar for my self but for my son James. I’ve raised 4 kids on my own after a very bad marriage. I know I didn’t give my son everything he needed growing up but this is something he has wanted. Just to see a smile on his face to get this would be amazing. He’s my first born and he deserves to win this so I’ll just say a prayer and thanks for the opportunity and a chance to win this for James.

  • Marlene Davis

    I would love to get the PRS for my husband. He is a guitar player and this would be a great gift for him.

  • Richard James Clough

    I’d love to win this for my grandson who lives with me. I use to play the guitar but my hands don’t work to well now. Old age I guess. But I’d love to see him play it. Thanks..

  • Shelley Hope

    I would love this for my husband. He’s a good man and father who will soon be having spinal surgery and will have plenty of time to play it. He’s pretty good too.

  • Jamie R. Ricks

    I LOVE the guitar.comI’ve had one since I’ve been able to hold one.Unfortunetly I don’t have one right now,due to the fact that it was stolen,&I currently can’t afford to by a new one right now,being a single parent raising a 10yr.old lìttle. Boy named Riley by myself.

  • Al Moore

    Been playing guitar for years but only have cheaper guitars, have always admired PRS & would love to have a PRS of my own, also say the Doobies in the 70’s or late 60’s

  • Mr. V

    I had one given to me as a gift from a great friend who passed at the young age of 44. His mother said that he would have wanted me to have it. We were good friends that worked together and discussed buying the PRS. I absolutely love it! If I won this I would give it to my son who plays way better than me and loves to play, and LOVES the way my PRS plays and sounds. These guitars have a special place in my heart. I plan on taking my son on the factory tour this summer.
    good luck to all!!!

  • Joe ochal

    I must have 20 guitars, not one of them is it made in USA 100 percent. I grew up with the Doobie Brothers and it would be very sentimental to me. Also have an amazing played with a concert picks, collection that is very valuable.

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