PHOTOS & VIDEO: Eagles Academy for Men 2014

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Moments upon arriving at the Philadelphia Eagles Novacare Center you begin to realize what it must have been like for Charlie Bucket as he arrived at the Wonka Factory.  For an Eagles football fan? The facility the Eagles train in is equally full of wonder, nostalgia and magic–especially for the three days each year the Eagles open the factory, err, facility to their adoring fans for an event called Eagles Academy.  This weekend the Eagles hosted the second such Eagles Academy: Eagles Academy for Men.  Check out the action in the photos below.

Eagles Academy is a chance for fans to experience a day in the life of a Philadelphia Eagle in the same space that the pros train, watch film, dress for games, practice, eat meals, hold press conferences, etc.  The Novacare Center in and of itself is a building that inspires.  Every corner of the building is designed to celebrate Eagles past and present.  The art and architecture from the parking lot, to the media room, the halls, the cafeteria, even the practice field, exude Eagles excellence and tradition.

If you are a an Eagles fan, treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind event at least once.  The Eagles staff, Swoop, coaches, players and alumni make the day one you will never forget as you see a side of the NFL so few get to see.



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