Restricted Access With Cirque Éloize Cirkopolis

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You may know Ashley as a dancer who loves to “Get It Right, Get It Tight” and Zach as an adventurous spirit who happens to be afraid of heights.  But these two step outside of their comfort zone and get special restricted access with acrobats from Cirque Éloize Cirkopolis.  The show is in town till Sunday March 16 and it’s filled with excitement.  Ashley and Zach learn first-hand how to perform the Chinese Mast, which is a pole that acrobats use to do some really thrilling tricks.

With Cirkopolis, Cirque Éloize takes their breathtaking blend of circus arts, theater, and dance to a highly-stylized metropolis setting.  Twelve acrobats and multidisciplinary artists rebel reinvent themselves and challenge the limits of the factory-city as only they can. They live in a world where fantasy defies reality.
Ashley and Zach say the Chinese Mast is extremely hard to master, so they will stick to their day jobs of reporting.
Check out the show

Tuesday, March 11 at 7:30 pm
Friday, March 14 at 8 pm
Saturday, March 15 at 2 pm
Saturday, March 15 at 8 pm
Sunday, March 16 at 1 pm
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