Detox Down with Ashley

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A smaller waste line and better age? What more could anyone ask for? Ashley Johnson is on day eight of the five week weight loss program at South Jersey Health & Body. The program, run by Danny Benenfeld, helped Ashley lose five pounds and age down five years.  The trick? It’s all about healthy eating and detoxing.
Every Tuesday night at the clinic Danny gives a free lecture on detoxing at the clinic focused on weight loss and nutrition. This seminar teaches people the exact steps on how to lose weight.

Ashley headed over to The Deluxe Health Spa where she completed a whole body vibration, which vibrates and contracts your muscles, equivalent to an hour at the gym. Ashley also tried out the body wrap which takes inches off the whole figure! Another relaxing way to lose weight is by sitting in the infrared sauna, a detox technique, different from traditional saunas due to deviating lights and heat.

With these cool ways to lose weight Ashley is committed to healthy eating and shaping up.

By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3