PHOTOS: Monster-Mania 27 Horror Con

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Things in Cherry Hill, NJ are getting a little more macabre this weekend with the return of Monster Mania!  Monster Mania 27 is a Horror Con that never fails to please and fans of all things horror return year in and year out for top notch guest for autographs and discussion panels, creepy costuming, authors, artists, film makers, great vendors and random other horror related fun.  Here’s some photos from Monster Mania 27.

The Monster Mania franchise began with one family.  David Hagan and his sons began the Monster Mania event in 2003 and have seen it grow every year.  David also lists PHL17’s own horror host of yesteryear, Dr Shock, as one of his early influence in the genre. What’s a family affair for the Hagans, is also a family affair for those that attend Monster Mania and each year sees more and more kids attending the horror con.  You can catch the event March 7, 8 and 9 in Cherry Hill, NJ.  For more info like Monster Mania on Facebook.  If this is the kind of story that interests you? Like PHL17 on Facebook as we love to cover cool things in and around Philadelphia.

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