Mind Games with Ari the Magician

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Friend of the show Ari Felber brings his magic back to the Eye Opener set for two live appearances during which he baffles Jennifer Lewis-Hall and intern Stan with his sorcery. Felber has been practicing magic for over ten years, and what started as a party trick for his friends and family has become his main source of income. The magician has performed for a variety of vendors and organizations including the Relay for Life charity and the Philadelphia Phillies, with the hopes of making millions (or at least hundreds of thousands, he says).

“I started loving the cards and the coins but lately I’ve been interested in magic of the mind – they call it mentalism,” Felber said.

A device the performer used on Stan and I for his second trick, in which we were each asked to pick a word out of a novel he brought along. Felber took no time at all guessing our selections!

If you want to see if Magic Ari is the real deal, go see him live at Grasso’s Magic Theater on March 30 or April 27. For more information, visit felbermagic.com.


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