Chiropractic Care isn’t just for Humans Anymore

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Chiropractic is said to relieve tension, improve circulation and decrease muscle and joint pain. The practice emphasizes spinal health as a precursor to a healthy, responsive body.  Dr. Daniel Klein says, “Anything with a spinal column can benefit from chiropractic care.”  Furthermore he says patients should consider coming in on a regular basis (it’s like maintaining a car) for overall health.

Those who have been to a chiropractor praise its benefits and now more than 100 years after Chiropractic was founded, patients other than humans are benefiting barking with joy for chiropractic.  We’re talking about pets.  In addition to treating humans, Dr. Michael Burak of Huntingdon Valley Family Chiropractic Centre says he works closely with veterinarians to treat horses, cats and dogs.  Dr. Burak recalls the first time adjusting an animal as a ‘life-changing moment’.

PHL17’s Zachery Lashway reports on how Fido and our other furry friends can benefit from this alternative form of health care.