Sophisticated Sisters Drill Team Soars Live on EO

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Camden’s Sophisticated Sisters Drill Team is both a ‘safe haven’ for talented youth in the area and a labor of love by founder Tawanda Jones, who started the dance group when she was only 15. Now she’s mentoring a whole new generation of girls and boys as they learn all types of dance from the aforementioned drill to jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance, and performance dance. All the while the program stresses ‘excellence in community,’ helping build leaders while building talents.

Jones has been well-recognized for her contributions to the Camden community, and the group has appeared on various programs including “Dancing With The Stars.” Sophisticated Sisters has also gained a famous fan in Beyoncé, who has expressed her love and admiration for the group. Additionally, Jones was designated one of the top 10 CNN Heroes for the 2013 year. We congratulate her on her success and wish her all the best as she continues to inspire young people to go after their dreams!

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