Juggling The Day Away with Give & Take Jugglers

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Don’t let anyone ever tell you that juggling isn’t a workout. I learned how hard it can be firsthand with the performers of The Give & Take Jugglers who turned our studio into a circus arena. G&T patriarch Dave Gillies explains that the group’s philosophy is to make a difficult-looking routine look fun and encourage newcomers to try it out for themselves. I tried my hand at scarves with juggler Eric Geoffrey, who I learned is a whiz at juggling pins. He apparently also has a routine where he juggles an egg, a bowling ball and an apple!

Gillies says that juggling exercises more muscles than you’d think: your arms, your legs, even your core. It’s also a strong cardio workout if you get into it as well. After my lesson I think I’ve earned an honorary spot on the Give & Take team! Take a look.

And be sure to check out Eye Opener, a different kind of morning show, weekdays from 6 – 8 a.m. only on PHL-17.


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