Pompeii Resurrected at The Franklin Institute

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The Franklin Institute invites you to step back in time and visit the wondrous city of Pompeii before it was drowned in ash. “One Day in Pompeii” features 150 artifacts directly from the Campania region of ancient Rome, on loan to the United States and premiering here in Philadelphia.

Before the eruption of Vesuvius, Pompeii was a bustling, innovative town with advanced technologies including roads, buildings and an intricate aqueduct system that serviced public fountains and baths, businesses and homes. Additionally, Pompeii was rich with art and culture, some of which survived and can be seen at the Institute.

“When you come face-to-face with a real artifact, a real piece of history, I think it teaches us things that nothing else can,” Mark Lach, the exhibit’s creative director, says.

Be sure to visit Pompeii before it vanishes once again on April 27 at The Franklin Institute. Click here for more information.


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