A Healthy New Year’s Biz Bites at Square 1682

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A new year, a new Biz Bites! I’m back together with Peter Van Allen and he’s taking me to Square 1682, a recently-renovated¬† restaurant on the first floor of Hotel Palomar at the corner of 16th and Samsom Streets in Center City. The place’s vibrant atmosphere is indebted to its art deco features, warm service and social vibe. Peter seems to like it, giving it a 4.5/5 on that scale. As for the other two – food and value – you’ll just have to watch to see what he decides!

With a “Farm to Fork” attitude, the culinary team at Square 1682 makes everything fresh – some of it even comes from an indoor aeroponic garden of mostly herbs and lettuce.

We’re starting off 2014 right with a healthy meal composed of mostly vegetables, with a little seafood for good measure. But executive chef Caitlin Mateo prepares everything deliciously, from kale salad to a chickpea and cheese number and a delicious smoothie that I had to fight for. Take a look!


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