How Mummers Fashion Has Evolved Over The Years

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The Mummers Parade is known for its lively costumes.  Groups get judged for their creativity and theme of their ensemble.  At the Mummers Museum you can actually see what mummers wore more than two centuries ago.  Over time suits have gotten bigger, bolder and brighter.

Today you can spot a mummer from a mile away.  But mummer’s costumers from 1920 weren’t as flashy.  President of the Mummers Museum Board of Directors Rusty Martz says mummers fashion has significantly evolved since the parade first started in the 17th century.

“pPeople would come out to the street to see these elaborate suits and a lot of hand-sewn flowers in the suits like that. If you look at today’s suits are built more for TV,” Martz said.

He said back in the 1950s many costumes resembled the “page-boy” look but as television became more popular, costumes became more elaborate.  The fancier the costume, the higher the price tag.

“Back in the 60s and 70s material was a lot cheaper.  It’s very expensive today to become a mummer,” Martz added.

By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3

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