2014 Mummers Parade Results

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Here are the results we have received for the 2014 Mummers Parade.

String Bands

  1. Quaker City
  2. Hegeman
  3. South Philadelphia
  4. Woodland
  5. Fralinger
  6. Ferko
  7. Avalon
  8. Polish American
  9. Aqua
  10. Uptown
  11. Pennsport
  12. Duffy
  13. Greater Kensington
  14. Broomall
  15. Greater Overbrook
  16. Durning
  17. Trilby

Wench Brigades

  1. Oregon
  2. Pirates
  3. Bryson
  4. Cara Liom
  5. Riverfront
  6. O Malley
  7. Froggy Carr
  8. Saints

Comics Division

  1. Murray
  2. Goodtimers
  3. Landi

Fancy Division

  1. Golden Sunrise
  2. Hog Island

Fancy Brigade

  1. Shooting Stars
  2. Jokers
  3. Downtowners
  4. South Philly Vikings
  5. Golden Crown
  6. Satin Slipper
  7. Saturnalian
  8. Avenuers
  9. Clevemore
  10. Spartans
  11. 2nd St. Shooters



  • Kathleen Speck

    So disappointed in your coverage of the Fancy Brigade’s cutting off the 2nd Street Shooters performance… It was not fair to all of us who care so much for them!!!

  • John Simpers

    Thank you for streaming the parade. I live in Omaha, Arkansas now and the parade has always been special to my family. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, we watched the parade in person, but distance precludes coming back each year. The webcast means a lot to all of us living so far away now!

  • Breanna Stoudt

    Something definitely seems off about the judging this year. Me and my mother print out sheets and judge it ourselves every year and this year and last year the ones we thought were the best you thought were the worst. Not only that but you talked all though out the string band performances which is very disrespectful and distracting and you weren't even talking about what was going on and during the fancy brigades the camera men are all over the place making it impossible to just watch whats going on and instead is zoomed in on someones face. Now i love the mummers and its a tradition to watch it with my mom every year but it angers me that its getting as careless as the rest of the world around me and i hope its the one thing that continues to get better and better not worse and worse. thank you for reading.

  • steve

    As usual, and regardless of the station providing the coverage, the coverage of the string bands was awful. So often, we are given a shot of an individual instrumentalist or dancer, and totally lose the overall presentation that is being done. At least for a couple of the bands, we were treated to a steady, wide angle shot, and could see the full performances while the color commentators analyzed the performances. Unfortunately, this was only for a minute or two out of the 4 1/2 minute performances, and only for a few of the groups.

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