Look Good (And Feel Even Better!) With Mario Lopez

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You may recognize him as the teenage heart-throb from Saved By The Bell.  We’re talking about Mario Lopez, who to this day doesn’t look a day older than 17-year-old A.C. Slater.

Some say he has it all – the dimples, the body and the hair.  But what might come as a surprise to you is that thinning hair runs in Lopez’s family, especially during times of stress.  So what’s his secret to fighting hair loss?  He tells PHL17’s Zachery Lashway it’s Nioxin — available for both men and women, Lopez says this product has worked for him.

Aside from haircare products, the secret to leading a healthy life isn’t really a secret at all.  Lopez stresses the importance of incorporating physical exercise into daily routines, but it doesn’t always have to mean going to gym.  Spice it up with anything fun that keeps you active and of course a well-balanced diet of portion-controlled carbs, proteins and fats is always a plus.

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