CrossFit Coach Keeps Working Out During Her Pregnancy

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It’s an age-old controversial topic: should women work out while they’re pregnant? CrossFit 215 coach Erin Quinn would answer that question with an enthusiastic, “Yes!”.  The athlete, who has been doing the strength and conditioning program for eight years, wasn’t about to stop when she got the good news.  Quinn is now 28 weeks pregnant and says working out with CrossFit has helped her manage stress throughout her term.  According to Quinn, the key is working out safely.

According to Pennsylvania Hospital’s Peter Gearhart, M.D., providing there are no medical problems, pregnant women should actually be encouraged to work out for about 30 minutes a day.  He says this regimen leads to an easier pregnancy and babies tend to be born at a more normal weight, among other benefits.

“I almost feel better being pregnant than I did before,” Quinn says.

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