Cranberries are the Star of these Seasonal Jamaican Treats!

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Eye Opener welcomes chef Janet Davis to the show today! She’s a expert on authentic Jamaican flavors and owner of the catering service Jade Jamaican Grill based in Westampton, New Jersey. But today she’s in studio showing off a variety of sweet treats that incorporate a holiday favorite – cranberries! And Janet shows me how to make the most of a berry she says is underutilized. First there’s a chunky Caribbean cranberry sauce, but she also features a cranberry bread pudding and a decorative floating cranberry display. She also utilizes candied fruits for her cherry rice crisp and Jamaican rum cupcakes. Take a look at the clip above then look below for the cranberry sauce recipe!

Chunky Caribbean Cranberry Sauce:

Ingredients: 2 cups whole cranberries, 1 cup crushed pineapple (from can, do not drain), 1 thin slice of ginger root, 3/4 cups sugar, 2 cups water

Method: Combine ingredients in a 3-quart saucepan and reduce over medium heat uncovered for approximately 35 minutes, stirring periodically. Remove from heat. Remove ginger root then let cool for 15-20 minutes. Transfer sauce to glass bowl and refrigerate for at least two hours to set. Serve chilled.

Serving Suggestion – plate in a small bowl beside crackers and cheese.

Try the recipe and let me know how you like it! And be sure to follow me on Twitter @JenLewisHall.

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