Is Your Puppy Social And Friendly?

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It’s the last edition of Puppy Tips with T. Bear and this time Teddy’s getting a chance to bond with fellow puppy friends.  Dog trainer Nicole Larocco from Philly Unleashed says it’s important for your dog to socialize with their peers.  She says that as puppies, dogs start forming opinions about other dogs, making friends, forming bite inhibition and learning the body language of other can, so it’s crucial to socialize them early on. Larocco says this is best accomplished when a variety of puppies of different breeds and sizes are together. The process of getting the dogs together is called ‘active socialization,’ and it should also be done with other elements of your dog’s surroundings, such as elevators and cars. ‘Passive socialization’ also occurs, usually when your dog is walking around and observing their environment. Larocco says both types of socialization lead to a friendlier (and hopefully tired) puppy. Take a look!

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