Margarita’s Restaurant Celebrates National Taco Day in a HUGE Way!

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It’s National Taco Day and Eyeopener is celebrating with Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant. Regional culinary manager Erin Finegan is stacking up a 12-inch homemade taco shell filled with made-from-scratch meats and delicious toppings. The TWO POUND mammoth is made up of lettuce, tomato, queso, pork belly, Mexican rice, ground beef, bacon, mixed cheeses, onion, and jalapeño.

All of that is contained in a foot-long, flat bottomed taco shell that’s made from a full-sized tortilla with a mold that’s custom to Margarita’s. The restaurant just launched this giant taco along with a “Taco in Twelve” challenge – if you can eat the whole thing in just 12 minutes, it’s free! The catch? Only a handful of people have been able to do it. Take a look and visit to learn more about the restaurant!

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