Local Celebrity Chef Is Cutthroat

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Sweet Water’s Celebrity Chef is warm and charming, but in the kitchen George Kyrtatas is cutthroat.  He put my cooking skills to the test and we discussed his upcoming debut on the Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen.  He says the show involves him facing off with a lot of other chefs on various cooking challenges.  Of course, his lips are sealed on the outcome.  You’ve got to watch this Sunday at 10pm.

George and I had a great time cooking a wonderful fall treat.  We made a mexican shrimp dish over a delicious sweet potato hash.  The sweet potato hash had onions, garlic, bacon and lots of delicious herbs.  George’s presentation on this dish was beautiful.  We first laid down sauteed spinach, then laid the shrimp on top and poured the sweet potato hash around it.  We finished off our fall masterpiece with macintosh apple slices.  It was delicious and out of this world.  The best part was George helped me realize how easy cooking can be.

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By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3

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