Holistic healing for texters with Carpel Tunnel

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Are you a texter who may be searching for a remedy for carpel tunnel and do not want to take the surgery route. Well, Suede Salon and Spa offers the next best thing to surgery. At Suede Salon and Spa a relieving and healing massage is on the menu.

Constant texting and bad posture can lead many to experience the numbness and tingling that reaches from the middle finger to the index finger and into the thumb, if you are experiencing this, you may need to be checked for carpel tunnel. If you have already been diagnosed with carpel tunnel and you do not want to undergo surgery, then try massages.

Suede salon and spa has healing hands when it comes to pain relief. 90 percent of the massage clients do not come simply for relaxation but for relief for their medical ailments.texting

Scott Greenberg of Regenerative Sports Medicine at Magazine Center says that if you would like to alleviate some of that pain that comes along with carpel tunnel, watch you posture. When texting, you slump forward placing a lot of stress on your neck, as well as your head which will set you up to experience many other issues.

So texters be ware. Yes, it is quick and easy but texting could cause a lot of issues for you down the line.

If you are interested in heading down to Suede Salon and spa, visit www.suedesalonspa.com.

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