1968 Exhibit at the National Constitution Center

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Visiting the 1968 Exhibit at the National Constitution Center will throw you back in time to the wild and crazy year in our nation’s history. Whether you are drawn to the music or political outcries, there is something to spark interest for all ages!

The exhibit brings us through the historic year of 1968, one month at a time! Beginning with the Tet Offensive in Vietnam and concluding with Apollo 8’s orbit around the moon, the exhibit provides detailed and colorful reminders of the action-packed year.

Some of the highlights featured in the exhibit include Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy’s assassinations, the Beatles’ release of the White Album, a reconstructed helicopter from the Vietnam War, the 1968 Presidential Election won by Richard Nixon, and a historic speech by Walter Cronkite.

For more information about the 1968 Exhibit and to purchase tickets, visit the National Constitution Center’s website.

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