Phillies Restricted Access

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Do you ever wonder what goes on once your favorite players step off the diamond? Well, here at Eye Opener we have a restricted access, in which Zach goes where most Phillies fans dream of.

Zach’s tour started in the Phillies Locker room. Be warned this is not your ordinary locker room that you remember from Jr. and Sr. high school, these lockers are the epitome of luxurious game day storage. And, some players even have two!  Down the hall from the locker room is the weight room, the dining area, video room and a training room.


There is also another bating room that the players warm up on after they have warmed up on the field. Zach had the privilege to take the exact same path that the players take from the locker room to the dough out. And, then he got a chance to tour the Diamond club access areas.

Hope you enjoyed your Restricted access tour with Zach.

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