Life Coach Irina Baranov

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According to Forbes Magazine, just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolution. If you’re a member of the unsuccessful 92% — life coach, Irina Baranov, says it’s not too late.

The Philadelphia working mom believes that hope typically doesn’t get us from here to there, what gets us from here to there are new habits. For example, you hoped to lose weight but the scale hasn’t moved. In this situation, you have to change your habits to get to where you want to be.

It’s also important to figure out how you’re going to get there. If you’re tracking your progress its important to decide whether you’re going to write it down, or log it on the computer.

In the end, if it’s not a habit, it’s not going to happen. Think of brushing your teeth. You don’t brush your teeth when the weather is good, you brush them because it’s what you do.

There are three components to making something a habit. They are an intention, a want or need and accountability. If you follow these components, you’re well on your way to reaching your goals.

Bottom line, the difference between hope and a habit…is a plan!

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