Irina Baranov- Life Coach

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Boasting your achievements isn’t egotistical, it’s necessary!

According to Life Coach, Irina Baranov, it’s time to Own Your Awesomeness and build your self esteem.

Baranov usually tells people, to go back to third grade and remember when you did show and tell. Of course you didn’t just bring in an art project lay, it down and say there it is. Baranov says, you showed and then you also told about the work that went into it.

If you hide your achievements, it’s like it never happened, but when you shed light on your efforts, you then allow them to speak for you.┬áDo not worry about appearing pompous. Barranov says, if you know that a line between proud and pompous exists, you will be careful not to cross it.

Inina says that you should find a friend and ask each other what you want to be recognized for? Talk about what you’re proud of amongst each other.

Be proud of our accomplishments, and share them with every one because you’ve worked hard for them and they are an extension of you.

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