Clementon Park Celebrates its 107th Season!

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This summer is Clementon Park’s 107th season of operation. This makes the park the 39th oldest operating theme park in the world! It all began in 1907 by Theodore Gibbs. The park was originally a  Trolley Park, which was a pre-cursor to present day amusement parks. They were called Trolley Parks because they were built near trolley stations so people without cars could enjoy the parks as well. Even through Trolley Parks phased out, Clementon Park stayed around!

Clementon Park is a place where many generations of people come year after year to enjoy the attractions. The park has many roller coasters, rides and other attractions, but the greatest part of this park is the countless amount of memories that have been made throughout the years.

For more information about Clementon Park you can visit their website here.

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