Irina Baranov

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Many of us realize that different friends fill different needs. Philadelphia life coach, Irina Baranov, says there is some type of friends you shouldn’t let go.

“It could be the one that’s really into fashion” she says. Baranov believes every woman needs a cooler person to hang out with. “For those of us in our thirties and forties, we’re not 16 and the 16-year-olds and 20-somethings, they know something we don’t” she admits.

The friend who will hold you accountable is equally important. She says you need a companion who will hold you accountable and ask pointed questions. “How’s that job search going. You said you wanted more for yourself, it’s been a month, what have you done?” Baranov says.

The problem solver says while it’s easy to meet people similar to you, all your friends shouldn’t be exactly like you. She tells clients that diversity helps create openness, and is beneficial to all aspects of your life.

Baranov says in order for friendships to grow, you have to treat them like plants. “Some friendships need different things” she warns.

Some relationships may only need an occasional Face book message or email, but others could require more. “Know your friends, know which ones need what kind of nurturing” she continues.

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